High-end DIAMOND design table for restaurant field "RendezVous"


Wooden design DIAMOND TABLE, Dare a unique "RendezVous"!


This diamond table "RendezVous" is the product that presents definitely another way to have a meal around a table atypical and ergonomic which confers on anyone who will try it an original and friendly position, a unique experience.

You are semi-turned position, between front of your partner and front of the table oriented where a point of view

This table is presented as a marker of his own style in his environment through a combination of modern lines and bold and rustic appearance of wood through its veins to various natural coloring.

Some real precious wood veneer, or rustic solid wood, gives a real expression aesthetic and tactile, which gives, unequivocally, a touch of contemporary character

Table restauration Prestige Modèle : Prestige

Prestige design table model

table top in 40mm MDF and precious wood with bottom and edge veneered, finishing with satin PU varnish
Material :MDF and precious wood
Dimension 110cm long by 80cm wide

Surface 1,14m²

Weight of the table top 14Kgr

Foot base of 50x50xm

Height 73cm

Weight of the foot 26,8Kgr

Total weight of 40,8Kgr

Délai 4 semaines

Precious wood

Some example of precious wood variety

+ of 10 references in total

Ebony white Asia South Laos textureEbony white Asia South Laos
Walnut Bramble EU and AsiaWalnut Bramble EU and Asia
Sapelli Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroun and CongoSapelli Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroun and Congo
Zebrano Africa Cameroon and GabonZebrano Africa Cameroon and Gabon
Palm tree of GuianasPalm tree from Guianas
Paldao from PhilippinePaldao from Philippine
Mélèze de l'EULarch from EU


The High-end qualityof these table tops are part of a rigorous selection for a better choice and are manufactured under the PEFC label (to promote sustainable forest management) and the FSC certification (trend of responsible forest management)

Technical characteristic

The table tops are made by gluing and is performed using a glue class D2 indoor use.

The quality of wood drying , in industrial dryer, guarantees our table top a hygrometry rate of wood. This rate allows a great wood stability in all indoor uses.

Due to the own nature of the wood, a change in the color of the veins wood can vary over time and this is a natural phenomenon. Solid wood oak, for example, will take a more hue in the yellows/orange as pale yellow.

Precious wood veneer :

Veneer of precious wood varies less than solid wood. Veneer covers the table top and the peripheral edge. The heart of the table top is in MFD to ensure veneering uniformity and stability

Precious wood origin : Europe, Africa, Asia

Manufacturing: France.

Delivery and installation

To guarantee a good installation and to perfectly set up your future tables in your establishment, we have a team of Delivery and installer at your service.

Where to see a Diamond table?

A table is installed at the restaurant Bol'appétit 9, rue Clovis Hugues à Saint Etienne, see the access information :Bol'appétit .

Diamond table rendez-vous panoramic vew in a gourmet restaurant

Set up in a restaurant (3D rendering)

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