High-end DIAMOND design table for restaurant & private field "RendezVous"

Hexagonal wooden design table for restauration

registred model
by Benoit Beal

Diamond design table with 3 diamond branches shine luxe restaurant room

High-end DIAMOND TABLE, Dare a unique "Rendez-vous"!

The table "rendez-vous" for restaurant is designed and cut like a diamond , for an unprecedented ergonomics and a unique design , which gives to the guests a pleasant moment, an amazing comfortable feeling.
In taking place, you will succumb to its real power of attraction!
The Table "Rendez-Vous" is ideal for restaurants, gourmet or bistros, auditoriums, cabarets, and for events such as meetings evenings, etc ... It is installed preferably facing a scene, a point of interest, an opening to an outside or a panoramic view, etc ...

The secret firstly is in the position !:

By being placed in semi-rotated position you are between your partner and at the same time in front of a point of interest!

Advantages :

It brings a real comfort and a certain ease well superior to a classic table round or square. Your dishes will be appreciated at their true value

Moreover, it stands out by its aesthetics and its rustic character thanks to its bold lines associated with the authenticity of the wood. Let's the charm of wood to the detriment of a cloth table covers!

Its design allows a multitude of modularity between them, and an ease of service so a relative space saving on the ground. A service time saving not neglected!

Gain guest satisfaction!

Diamond design table with diamond shine leg

Do you know of such positive feedback from users around a table?

"Original table! Practical and aesthetic!"

"Breaks away from the ordinary, packed with character!"

"Great idea with the inverted shape, providing comfort!"

"Minimized footprint!"

"Works well for three people too!"

"Yes, there's more room on the table! Great for placing dishes and bottles!"

"Encourages closer interaction! Easier for conversation without shouting."

"Pleasant for couples!"

"Modular, can be arranged with multiple tables!"

"Brings people closer together while maintaining separation from neighboring tables!"

"Facilitates closeness while respecting distancing measures!"

"Perfect for intimate conversations, fostering closeness and privacy!"

What is the benefit of the diamond shape for users?

We have designed the table with precise proportions and the golden ratio, while respecting the ideal proxemics, neither too close nor too far away.

Innovative concept of design table diamond

Main view of the concept with the different proxemic zones

There are 3 main zones that distinguish the proxemic distance of the user around the table:

  • ■ The cutlery zone, which occupies a portion of the table.
  • ■ The intimate boundary zone, 45cm, between users that provides sufficient distance between them (except for couples). This length corresponds to the length of the forearm.
  • ■ The personal zone, which extends from 45cm to approximately 120cm, encompassing the cutlery, the user, and their sea

View profile plane table restaurant room design

View profile plane of the table in restaurant room

Diamond tableModels and Options

The High-end qualityof these table tops are part of a rigorous selection for a better choice and are manufactured under the PEFC label (to promote sustainable forest management) and the FSC certification (trend of responsible forest management)

Manufacturing in France

By Cabinetmaker

TABLE "RendezVous" and see for yourself...

Opinion of the guests who tested it

100% found it original and aesthetic *

  • "Original Table! Practical and aesthetic !"
  • "Change of the ordinary, a lot of character! "
  • "Beautiful idea of the inverted shape, that gives comfort!"
  • "Minimized clutter!" "Good for 3 people too!"
  • "Yes, there is more ease on the table! Good for laying the dishes and bottles!"
  • "Allows more proximity! Easier to chat without screaming!"
  • "Pleasant in a couple!"
  • "Modulable at several tables!"
  • "Rapprochement of people, and also isolated from neighboring tables!"
  • "Facilitate proximity while respecting the remoteness!"
  • "Suitable for confidences, complicity and intimacy! "
  • * Questionnaire made to 47 people composed of 27 women and 20 men between 20 and 60 and +

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Gallery Photographic

These differents shots allow to appreciate angles of this polygonal table

© Benoit Beal

Concept table restauration design
Angle view of design table precious wood
Design table with Zebrano precious wood
Design table with marquetry acajou zebrano
Concept table view with cutely
solid wood oak design Table
solid wood oak design Table

This project was born following many professional and personal trips around the world, and this essential and natural gesture to feed, associated with the pleasure to be around a simple table, always call me when I took a meal. Why not go out of a classic square, round or rectangular table formats? Why not enrich your meal with table more ergonomic and original?

The goal of the "Rendez-vous" table project is to present finally another way to have a meal around a new atypical and daring table, giving each person a comfortable and enjoyable position, a unique experience.

Thanks to an original alliance between its modern lines and the rustic aspect of the wood, this table is proposed to you as a marker of its own style, a "French touch" of design and craft tradition
Benoit Béal Designer

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