High-end DIAMOND design table for restaurant field "RendezVous"


Wooden design DIAMOND TABLE, Dare a unique "RendezVous"!

ADVANTAGE for the service

Aesthetic and flexible

Thanks to the design of the table "RendezVous", the server accesses more easily at the table for unhindered service on either side of diners and especially for the laying of dishes in a single dedicated area for this purpose.

The space on the table is further optimized for an area of 1.16m² (16in²) instead of 1m ² (15.5in²) for a square table of 100x100cm (39 in x 39 in), and the latter physically imposes more.

In particular, we note that:

• The area where dishes are placed on the table is wider (110 cm) and more open than a classic table of 100cm (39.3 in)

• The service in the cutlery area is also more extensive on a radius of more than 90cm (35.4 in)

The semi-sloping position of the guests creates a visual dynamic more interesting and breaks a classic alignment.

Table service recommendation

The rule is that we serve on the left and then serve on the right, and also for the service of wines and beverages which is carried out by the right, starting with the master of the house. It is possible to respect this rule except where the tables are aligned in line, which only allows the service of the same side of the guest.

Advantage for service a design table Rendez vous at the restaurant

Another benefit of the service

Due to a more advanced position of the chairs inside the table, this orders a more fluid circulation around this one, even when the guests are gone.

Chair clearance takes up less floor space than a table traditional

Advantage for service a design table Rendez vous in the room restaurant


For 4

2 tables put in head to head

table set upment for 4 peoples for restaurant

In line

Tables put in line in the same direction and spaced about 20cm (7.9 in)

In line table set upmente

In circle

6 Tables inclined at 45 ° and spaced approximately 30cm (11.8 in) apart

circle table set upment

In a staggered set upment

Tables put head to head staggered and spaced 20cm (7.9 in)

staggered table set upment

Delivery and installation

To guarantee a good installation and to perfectly set up your future tables in your establishment, we have a team of Delivery and installer at your service.

Where to see a Diamond table?

A table is installed at the restaurant Bol'appétit 9, rue Clovis Hugues à Saint Etienne, see the access information :Bol'appétit .

Diamond table rendez-vous panoramic vew in a gourmet restaurant

Situation in a restaurant

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