High-end DIAMOND design table for restaurant field "RendezVous"


DIAMOND TABLE Dare a unique "Rendez-vous"!


Design table model with laser marking or marquetry identity options

Opt for the embellishment of your table by the imprint of your own identity on the top of the table top by marking your emblem, logotype, monogram. This reinforce your identity with a remarkable extra touch

We offer you either a marquetry by a veneer from another wood variety, either by a laser marking in "wire", it means sin continuous wire end of a very shallow depth


Marqueterie dappled mahogany on design table
Cut and inlay of the logo in dappled mahogany wood marquetry


Laser marking on design table restaurant
Superficial laser marking in "wire"

Example logo, emblem or monogram

Graphic Emblem for table restaurant

Diamond Emblem and RvR "RendezVous" monogram for marquetry

The monogram "RendezVous" is a registered model design

Delivery and installation

To guarantee a good installation and to perfectly set up your future tables in your establishment, we have a team of Delivery and installer at your service.

Where to see a Diamond table?

A table is installed at the restaurant Bol'appétit 9, rue Clovis Hugues à Saint Etienne, see the access information :Bol'appétit .

Diamond table rendez-vous panoramic vew in a gourmet restaurant

Set up in a restaurant (3D rendering)

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